August 30, 2013 Off By isport

Paul Casey had been world number three, but then he had been not so lucky in keeping his world ranking intact, and he had slumped a great deal after that.

He had gone down to the rank of hundred and sixty nine, but then he finally made a comeback when he opened with a spectacular sixty seven at Oak Hill.

This has been seen by many as a move from Casey’s side to banish last year’s ghost of the PGA Championship, where he did really badly, and had to step aside from the championship. But he has really regained much of his form and fitness, and hopes have been lifted since he made a comeback at Oak Hill.

Paul Casey had been sick for a few days now, and when he finished at Oak Hill with a splendid score, people were quite surprised. When asked how he managed to pull off such as a brilliant spectacle, Casey replied that he thinks it was due to the fact that he was sick that he managed to be so fresh on the course.

Prior to the main event, he had not been playing much, and he had only played a short practice round the previous day, very early at that too. And since he did not come in to the tournament without any preconceptions, which was probably the reason why he was able to shine on the course. He had to take some pretty strong drugs that the doctors had prescribed for him, but apart from feeling a little fuzzy, Paul Casey seemed on top of his game, and he is positive that he will do well in the event.

It has been a sheer drop for Casey since now, from world number three, but it seems that he is all set to regain his fallen glory.