McIlroy Recalls Meeting Tiger Woods

May 15, 2012 Off By isport

Irishman Rory McIlroy will begin the US PGA Players Championship, the unofficial fifth Major of Golf as the world’s number one golfer having overtaken Luke Donald last week, for the second time in as many months to become the top golfer in the world.

It is almost as if life has come full circle for the 23 year old golfer who was, not so long ago, overtaken with emotions at the prospect of meeting his boyhood idol and former world number one Tiger Woods, after whom he modeled his game and much of his swing.

Speaking of his first meeting with The Tiger, McIlroy stated that the first time he met with his idol, he was almost star struck and didn’t know what to say or do, whether to shake his hand or act in a nonchalant manner, breaking into a laugh as he said it. Rory McIlroy added that he had been watching Woods on the television as a youngster, seeing him lift Major titles as a teenager and doing things that almost no one could even imagine of doing and as a result, he felt almost overawed when he first saw him.

He went further stating that nervousness is the word that aptly describes how he felt when he met Tiger. He said that he was discussing this with some of his mates and admitted that he felt more nervous about meeting Tiger Woods than he did when he met the President of the United States of America Barack Obama, with whom he had dinner when he was invited to the White House.

Having just turned 23 years of age, Rory McIlroy turned the clock back eight years when the then 15 year old had his first meeting with his idol at a putting studio of Scott Cameron ,a moment that he still holds dear to him.