March 16, 2012 Off By isport

Golf’s world number one player might not have won the World Golf Championship: Cadillac Championships at Doral, Miami in the United States of America but between teeing up on the famous TPC Blue Monster on the weekend and scoring a decent run on the score card, Rory McIlroy seemed to think that Doral and its’ Blue Monster has lost much of its charm over the years and having been a venue for the famous Championship for more than 51 straight years now, this comes as a surprise for the famous tee off spot.

McIlroy, who recently became the world’s top ranked golfer replacing Englishman Luke Donald referred to the Blue Monster as a ‘resort course’ and called it outdated for the players who play in the PGA Tour today and called on the authorities to do something about it immediately if they intended to keep on getting the top players in the world to play there.

And it was not only the world number one who was aggrieved; Bubba Watson and Justin Rose also agreed with the world number one Rory McIlroy, stating that the factors that led them to go astray on the course during their turns was not related to the difficulty of the course. Watson echoed McIlroy when he stated that the course used to challenging, and was even scary at one point but not anymore.

McIlroy wants the authorities that look after the course to do something about the soft greens that they have laid the course with and he believes that a slight remodeling won’t do the course much harm. Whether the authorities agree with Rory McIlroy is another issue but the fact that the world’s number one has called for changes should be considered seriously by the people who are responsible for the well being of the course.