Olazabal backs Adrian Otaegui

June 4, 2014 Off By content

When just being a 19 year old Adrian Otaegui earned all the privileges of playing the European tour in 2012, he stunned the entire golf world because he was the one of the youngest players to do so. Otaegui, the winner of the 2010 British Boys Champion, is one of the youngest Spaniard who won an European Tour card.

Golf legend Jose Maria Ozalbal in his comment on Otaegui has recently said, “I know Adrian very well, and I have given tips and trained him on quite a few occasions. He is a very talented golfer and is young. He has the zest to learn too. He is mentally very tough and can show a decent performance in the short game as well, but at the same time he has to work hard in his game as there is the need to hit hard in the modern playing of golf.”

Otaegui, who can fluently speak a couple f languages such as Spanish, English, French, originally hails from the Basque region of Spain. Otaegui, when he started his career, went to South Africa for his debut venture as a professional golfer in the Challenge Tour in 2012.
“I am looking forward to play in the European Card. From the Challenge Tour I learnt a lot. Tour school also helped me in learning several things, I need to work hard as I enter the professional world of golf,” Otaegui said.

There are a couple of golf legends in the world who started their career being as young as Otaegui now and among them the names of Seve Ballesteros, Segio Garcia, Jammie Cunningham are famous. Now the fans and followers of Adrian Otaegui are looking forward to whether the young golfer can stand to the expectations of Olazabal.