Rickie Fowler Displays Style And Substance On Course With His Best Major Finish

July 2, 2014 Off By content

Rickie Fowler created news this Sunday, sporting a golf cap featuring PUMA on it, and also in a puma branded T shirt. Quite fresh in his career, Fowler finished at his very best in a major tournament, at a tie for the 2nd spot at this year’s US Open. He was also holding in his hand a Red Bull can, which is another brand he endorses.

Fowler turned a pro back in 2009 and Fowler as a product has definitely outperformed what Fowler is as a performer. Since 2009 he has only bagged a single PGA tour win, and his huge fan base started dressing up in his signature color, which is orange.

It is quite simple to be blinded by his fascinating tangerine dream; however, his popularity is partly because of the deft marketing.

In the absence of the Tiger Woods, now injured, golf needed a superstar, who makes things interesting enough, even to non-followers, since the first 2 major tournaments this year, didn’t have much spice.

However, Fowler cannot be blamed bur this. Erik Compton is also faultless, who tied for 2nd with Fowler. Then comes Kaymer, who talks that extra half an hour during his interviews, providing full paragraph answers, when others love to wrap it up in a sentence or two.

Kaymer commented that he usually explains, since he wants people to get what he si talking about. If they don’t understand, there lies misunderstandings and people write whatever they want to. He prefers to a tad bit longer, and explain the topic well, than let them make up something unnecessarily. He further added laughing that he likes to be in control in times like this.

Fowler, now 25 cares a lot about how other golfer have been performing since his 2012 victory at the Wells Fargo Championship.