Rory Admits Spieth As Strong Rival

May 11, 2015 Off By content

It’s true that Rory McIlroy is the numero uno golfer at the moment but the Irish legend seems to be a true sportsman when it comes to approving other champions of the game. The Northern Irishman has already hailed the rising game of the Masters champ Jordan Spieth & has openly admitted him as his genuine strong rival.
In one his latest interviews, the great Irish golfer acknowledged that he would need to be more serious about the game if he has to retain his #1 stature in the international golf.
A couple of weeks post his best-ever game at Augusta, very upbeat Rory got back to South Carolina for a Nike-sponsored event last Friday where he was completely open regarding his own feat & also that of Jordan in quite a revealing interview session.

“I am pretty aware that he working really hard to snatch away the numero uno stature from me”, remarked Rory pointing to a strong competition before him put forward by Jordan.
“Thus, I have to put my hardest best to retain my top position.”

McIlroy showered rave reviews on Jordan, who is surely the most loved darling in American sport. “The major point is that he’s too good while compared to us”, continued Rory admiring Spieth’s achievement of the prestigious green jacket.

It was the Nike event where the Irish golf champ spoke publicly about his 4th place finish for the 1st time. He was satisfied with his endeavors in completing Grand Slam.

“I draw good lot of positive spirit from that”, he remarked.

“I played good for last forty-five holes & it was a fantastic weekend for me. It is the very first Masters event where I could shot under the par in each round & came up with my best ever finish.”