Rory McIlroy phones cannot be inspected, says High Court

January 21, 2015 Off By content

World number one Rory McIlroy has been granted a huge relief after the High Court refused the applications filed by his former management team Horizon Sports Management Ltd. Asking for orders so that his mobile phone can be inspected.

Similar applications had been made by two more management teams with which the golfer had signed an agreement with to represent him, Canovan Management Services and Gurteen Ltd.

The order, passed by Justice Raymond Fullam refuses to pass orders for the inspection of his telephone bills as well as the inspection of the mobile phone of Donal Casey, a consultant who would go on to become the CEO of Rory McIlroy Inc. and the golfer’s personal assistant Sean O’Flaherty.

In the reserved judgement passed by the court, the judge said that the three companies had filed an application for expert inspection of at least mobile phones as well as any computers that has been used by the golfer between 2011 and 2013.

According to Justice Fullam, the proposal for inspection included any and every device that Rory McIlroy might have used, of which there is no proper evidence.

The applications were filed by the three companies last year ahead of the advance hearing of the Northern Irish golfer’s claim that he is entitled to reject an agreement agreed in December 2011 with the companies on the grounds that they were improvident.

The claims made by the companies say that Rory McIlroy may have wiped clean at least eight mobile phones that may have contained valuable legal information regarding his action against his former sports management company.

The claims also say that Casey and O’Flaherty also performed a factory resetting of their phones as well as that of the golfer’s father, Gerry McIlroy but all those claims have been thrown out of court.