Rory McIlroy talks about the day Anthony Kim hit eleven birdies at Augusta

June 2, 2016 Off By content

Smylie Kaufman, during their WGC Dell Match Play game around 2 weeks ago, was saying Rory McIlroy regarding his visit to the Augusta National a few days earlier, getting all set for his first Masters. Rory wanted to know what he thought of this place.

McIlroy told that he told that he went to do some prep work and it appears that there are a lot of birdies up there. Now a veteran of 7 Masters, Rory might just smile.

McIlroy chuckled saying. He told Smylie that he had a tale regarding the day a series of birdies was made. In fact, it was a record number of birdies.

Rory recalled that he played with Anthony Kim when he made eleven birdies. Yeah, there are plenty of birdies out there.

Off somewhere passing his life as he goes, Anthony might be a solitary, but oh, how he was a bolt of adrenaline and excitement when he ruffled along PGA Tour stage. There was a bluster to Kim that was to be taken earnestly. But so was there an infective personality that was to be relished.

Officials demonstrated a sense of awareness when they coupled three Masters rookies in the year 2009. Kim was twenty-three, McIlroy nineteen and Ryo Ishikawa seventeen, and the media loved the storylines. In Round One, however, there was not a lot to write about. Rory shot 72, Ishikawa 74 and Anthony a 75 that included 5 bogeys against just 2 birdies.