February 29, 2012 Off By isport

Hunter Mahan may have won the World Golf Championships – Accenture Match Play Championship final but his opponent Rory McIlroy was the one who won the hearts of all those who were present at the final of the Match Play Championship at the Ritz Carlton Golf Club in the deserts of Arizona.

Just before the match, Mahan said to his close aides that he did not understand all the fuss about the 22 year old British golfer but his match up against him surely made him understand why he is such a popular figure already in the golfing world.

Mahan listened to the crowd present on the greens chanting his name and as he learnt with his experience after playing against him, the chants will only get louder and louder over time. According to Hunter Mahan, there is something unbelievable about the man who has been termed as the Boy Wonder and even Mahan agrees that he will someday become the world number one.

Moreover, speaking at the press conference after the match, Mahan added that he has no doubts that Rory McIlroy will become the world number one golfer but he did not want that to happen against him. He praised the youngster regarding all that he has achieved at this young age and also praised how far he has come since the last time they played against one another almost three years back now.

McIlroy needed to win the match against Mahan in the Match play Championship to become Luke Donald as the number one player in the world but that seems to be almost inevitable now with Rory McIlroy only needing to progress a round beyond Luke Donald to overtake him as the number one ranked golfer in the world and it seems to be just a matter of time.