The Argyle Open game

June 21, 2013 Off By isport

There is no question that, when it comes to online casino games, the slots are the favoured option for the majority of players. The reason for this is fairly straightforward, as slot games are the easiest type of online casino game for new and inexperienced players to grasp, while also not requiring huge amounts of money to play – or carrying the risk of losing large amounts!

Given that sports betting is the only real competitor to online casino when it comes to betting online, it isn’t surprising that games based around popular sports like football and golf are increasing in number. One of the newer ones available is the golf-based slot game The Argyle Open – so does this game hit the fairway or land in the water?

Well it will certainly have plenty to appeal to fans of the game of golf, with the reel icons including golfing paraphernalia like gloves, drivers, tees, flags and golf clubs. The game also features other golfing imagery, such as images of the greens and pictures of players in various situations – like celebrating a victory, teeing off and trying to get out of a bunker (the latter likely to strike a particular chord for amateur players).

However, all the effort to accentuate the golfing ‘theme’ of the game will count for nought if it doesn’t succeed on its own terms, as a slot game.

Fortunately, the Argyle Open is a fine slot game which should ensure that it finds an audience outside of hardcore golfing enthusiasts. The game provides five reels and forty paylines, while also containing a free spins feature and a very entertaining bonus game which operates on three tiers. Players can participate in the Argyle Open using coins as low in denomination as a penny, which makes it a slot game that anyone will be able to afford to participate it, and it contains a maximum available jackpot of $500.